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Atchafalaya Honey LLC
29935 Hwy 75
Plaquemine, La 70764

Natures Finest Pure Atchafalaya Honey

We utilize an all natural approach to the management of the health and vitality of our bees. 
Our honey is never heated or filtered.  We use only Time & Gravity, two of natures constants to provide you with nature's finest "Pure Atchafalaya Honey" harvested in North America's largest swamp - The Atchafalaya Basin, an unpopulated area with abundant native flora devoid of the chemicals and pesticides that are so common in our communities.

We stand by our Honey, Beeswax, and Pollen as some of the cleanest and finest in the world.  
We are committed to your satisfaction. 

Member of:
American Beekeeping Federation
3525 Piedmont Road, Building 5, Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Phone: 404-760-2875    E-mail:

American Honey Producers Association

Louisiana Beekepers Association


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